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University Catalog 2021-2022 
University Catalog 2021-2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

University Student Resources

In order to assist students in achieving their academic and professional goals the university provides several resources. These are described below under the categories of:

  • Learning Resources (Library Services, Virtual Writing Center, Institutional Review Board);
  • Academic Services (Bookstore, Computing Services); and
  • Advising and Support Resources (Academic Advising, Integrated Student Services, Disability Support Services, Career Services, Veteran Affairs, International Student Services, and Student Organizations. 

Learning Resources

Library Services

Antioch University Library is a network of libraries, librarians, and staff supporting programs and research across our five campus locations as well as in online and low residency programs. The Library provides a strong, central core of services and resources while preserving remarkable and distinct local collections. Antioch University students are welcome to study, browse, or borrow materials at any of our five campus locations (Keene, NH; Yellow Springs, OH; Seattle, WA; Santa Barbara, CA; Los Angeles, CA).

Click here to view the location, hours and website resources for library services at each campus.

University Library Services Leadership
Christine Forte, University Librarian
805-962-8179 x 5177

Writing Support at Antioch University

At Antioch University, we believe that writers learn from conversations with other writers; and as a result, all students are encouraged to seek writing support throughout their academic program. Students at Antioch University have access to free writing support and resources at the four campuses (Keene, NH; Los Angeles, CA; Santa Barbara, CA; and Seattle, WA) as well as online at the Virtual Writing Center.

Campus Writing Center

Writing Center directors and their teams are dedicated to offering students assistance with their academic work and writing development. At all campuses, students may schedule appointments and come during drop-in hours for conversations about their writing. Writing workshops and special programs are also offered at these centers. Resources are easily accessed through the center website.

The peer writing consultants are predominantly graduate students at Antioch University and deeply understand the type of writing done at that campus. They receive ongoing training to evolve as reviewers of student writing. At AULA & GSLC, students have access to faculty tutors who specialize in the teaching of writing. Below are the direct links to each campus center and its email contact information:

  Center Email  
  • AULA Teaching & Learning Center









The campus centers are committed to maintaining students’ access to writing support, even during this time of remote learning due to the Covid pandemic. As long as remote learning continues, Writing Center sessions and workshops will be conducted via Zoom.

Virtual Writing Center (VWC)

The VWC is the Antioch University Online “center” for writing support and is located online at www.antioch.edu/vwc or on AU Direct. The VWC allows AU students to get quality feedback on their writing from AU graduate students who are trained to be responsive and effective peer consultants. As AU students, the peer writing consultants also have an intimate understanding of the types of writing assigned at AU.

Students may submit a variety of assignments and papers for peer feedback as well as schedule live conversations with peer e-tutors. The turnaround period for submissions is 48 hours although the VWC typically has an average response time below 20 hours. The VWC also has live consultations should you prefer to talk with someone about your writing. To request a live conversation or contact the VWC by calling 937-769-1355 or by emailing vwc@antioch.edu and include your student ID, writing needs, and availability.

Professional Writing Support

AU students have access to professional editing, proofreading, and coaching services at reduced hourly rates at the AU Writers’ Exchange (wex.antioch.edu). The Writers’ Exchange (AU-WEX) was developed at Antioch University in direct response to the increased demand of graduate students’ need for specialized writing and editing support that exceeded the free peer support available at the Campus Writing Centers and Virtual Writing Center.

At the Writers’ Exchange (wex.antioch.edu), students will find a robust menu of writing services: format & style editing, copy editing, substantive editing, and writing coaching. All WEX PhD coaches and professional editors have been selected for their range of editing experience and the breadth of their expertise. AU-WEX fees are competitive and discounted for the entire AU community, including alumni and faculty. Students may also send direct inquiries to wex@antioch.edu.

University Writing Center Leadership
Anne Maxham, Director of Writing Support

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

It is University policy to reasonably ensure that the rights and welfare of human participants are adequately protected in research conducted under its auspices. In addition, both federal and state laws require this protection. In order for the University to fulfill its responsibility, all human participants research conducted under University auspices must receive appropriate review and approval. The University has authorized the Institutional Review Board (IRB) to review and approve human participants’ research.

Visit the Antioch University IRB Application homepage for complete details, including the University policies, online application process and CITI modules.

Academic Services


In order to provide students with a simple, cost-effective method of purchasing textbooks, Antioch University takes advantage of an online bookstore format. Students may purchase books from the vendor of their choice or may take advantage of AU’s partnership with the company MBS Direct, which has the nation’s largest inventory of used books at discounted prices.


Some of the benefits of purchasing books through AU’s online bookstore through MBS Direct are:

  • Fast shipping
  • Free shipping offers on most retail orders over $49 (Does not include orders placed on the Marketplace)
  • Reasonably priced - an average of 60% off list price when shopping on the Marketplace - these prices are comparable to those on Amazon
  • Order forms customized to courses’ required reading lists
  • Multiple payment options, including Financial Aid Vouchers
  • 100% return policy (Course materials must be returned within two weeks after class start date or within 21 days of date shipped, whichever is later)
  • Excellent, U.S.-based customer service by phone or email
  • A quarterly Customer Loyalty Program that increases the amount you receive when selling back your books

Antioch works with MBS Direct to provide book vouchers for those students that have excess financial aid in a term. A Bookstore Voucher is available to request such and can be submitted to the Student Accounts office for processing. Note that Book Vouchers are not permitted once student refunds have been processed.

Visit campus online bookstores through MBS Direct:

Computing Services

Internet Connectivity

Consistent and reliable access to a high-speed (i.e. cable/DSL/fiber) Internet connection with a minimum of 1.5Mbps up/down is strongly recommended, particularly for distance, hybrid, and heavily computer-mediated courses. Dial-up connections have insufficient bandwidth and are not supported. Satellite connections may provide enough bandwidth but often suffer from excessive latency and may not work well for real-time applications such as Zoom meetings.

Computer Hardware / Operating System

  • Mac or Windows PC
  • PC Operating System - Windows 10 recommended; minimum Windows 8
  • Mac Operating System - MacOS 10.14 recommended; minimum Mac OS 10.12
  • Dual-core processor or better
  • 8GB of RAM recommended; minimum 4GB
  • Hard drive capacity 250GB or higher
  • Ethernet or WiFi card/adapter
  • Computer speakers or headphones, microphone, and a webcam. Some suggested options are listed here: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201362023-System-Requirements-for-PC-Mac-and-Linux

Additional suggested hardware includes a printer/scanner, USB flash drive, and an external hard drive or cloud storage subscription for backup.

Older operating systems and computers with less memory (RAM) and processing power may function and meet your basic needs for computing. However, they may not be adequate to access Antioch’s online resources.

Most handheld and tablet devices (i.e. Samsung Galaxy, Apple iPad) capable of displaying web pages will allow you to view the content of AU websites. Capabilities of these devices vary widely; particularly in their ability to interface with some AU content.

Office Productivity Software

Antioch requires a word processing program that saves and opens text files in multiple file formats (DOCX is recommended). We suggest an office suite that includes word processing, presentation, spreadsheet, and other useful software. Some new computer purchases have this software already installed. Microsoft Office suites are currently used at AU campuses.

Here are a few options:

  • Google Apps: online document creation capabilities which also allows you to create, store, and share a variety of file types is available by clicking ‘Drive’ icon in AUDirect, or by clicking the ‘Google Apps’ icon near the top of the page of your Antioch Email account.
  • Open Office 4: The free and open productivity suite, available at: http://www.openoffice.org
  • LibreOffice: Another free and open productivity suite, available at: http://www.libreoffice.org
  • Apple Pages, Numbers, and Keynote (Free for Apple computers, also available online at www.icloud.com)

Internet Browsers

Most of Antioch University’s technologies are accessible through a web browser, so having a supported browser on your home computing system is critical. Antioch supports the following browsers:

  • Firefox 65.0 or higher
  • Google Chrome Version 70 or higher
  • Safari 8.0 or higher
  • Microsoft Edge 44.1 or higher
  • Opera 60.0 or higher

Note that the best browser for your needs may change over time. It is recommended therefore that you have two different browsers installed on your system.

Browser Plugins / Players:

There are many freely-available adjunct programs that enhance the home computing environment, especially when using the Internet for academic work. It is important that you keep these programs up to a current level in order to view material that faculty and students may be producing this year. Some free software you may want to install:

Anti-Malware / Computer Protection

AU urges you to take steps to prevent viruses and other malware from infecting your educational home computing environment. It is critical that you keep your anti-malware software up to date. Free programs provide basic protection but may fall short against more advanced attacks. Paid programs have more robust protection at different price tiers, with the more expensive packages offering options that go beyond traditional malware detection. Examples of these features include blocking websites known to host malware, phishing alerts, spam filtering, password management, and more. AU recommends reading current reviews to help find the best program for your needs. Here are a few that we have read good things about:



Academic Support

Academic Advising

Each student is assigned to an Academic Advisor. This faculty or staff member is available to assist with such issues as program planning, internship placements, graduate and post-graduate study options, academic progress, career paths, and, when necessary, problem-solving. Advisors assist students in meeting University academic requirements and understanding University and program procedures, although students are responsible as individuals for reading and following procedures and policies published in this Catalog and in additional publications referred to in this Catalog. Students are encouraged to meet with their Advisor at least once per term for pre-registration advising.

Integrated Student Services (ISS)

As many student services have become virtual centers to provide timely and consistent support to all Antioch students at our physical locations as well as our low-residency and online students, we recognize that many issues may best be resolved through face-to-face interaction. Each Antioch campus maintains an Office of Integrated Student Services. Each ISS office varies somewhat in organization and scope to best meet the needs of that location. However, all are staffed in person, and all are able to provide direct assistance to students with issues related to admissions, student accounts, financial aid and records and registration. These offices work closely with university-level services to provide information, clarification and assistance in any of these areas.

Integrated Student Services Resources

Los Angeles
AULA Student Services Office
2nd floor, Suite 2060
310-578-1080 x216

New England
AUNE Student Services Office
1st floor Administrative Wing

Santa Barbara
AUSB Student Services Office
1st floor, Student Services Suite
805-962-8179 x5302

AUS Student Services Office:
2nd floor

Disability Support Services

Antioch University supports the full participation of qualified individuals with disabilities in its classes, programs, facilities, and events. Antioch University complies with disability nondiscrimination laws including the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, as amended and §504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Providing reasonable accommodation of disabilities is a major component of ensuring accessible participation. Antioch University will reasonably accommodate the known functional limitations of an otherwise qualified student with a disability.

A reasonable accommodation is an adjustment to instructional methods and/or a course, program, service, activity, or facility that enables a qualified student with a disability to have an equal opportunity. An equal opportunity means an opportunity to attain the same level of performance or to enjoy equal benefits and privileges as are available to a similarly- situated student without a disability.

Reasonable accommodations are intended to ensure access and do not in themselves guarantee course completion or credit.

Disability Support Services Across the University

Antioch University maintains a Disability Support Services (DSS) Office on each campus and for university-wide programs to coordinate accommodations for students with disabilities. All students requesting reasonable accommodations must register with the DSS Office and may be required to submit documentation of disability or health impairment from a health care professional. All accommodations are determined on a case-by-case basis, through an interactive process between the student and the DSS coordinator.

If you are a student with disabilities and would like to request reasonable accommodation(s), please contact the DSS Office listed below at the earliest opportunity.

The university will provide reasonable accommodation for students with disabilities only upon arrangement through the DSS Office. Faculty and staff members should not attempt to arrange reasonable accommodation of disability independent of the DSS Office.

Please click the link to read Antioch University policy 6.101 Disability Support Services for more detail.

Office of Disability Support Services Coordinators

Graduate School of Leadership and Change, and AU Distance and Extended Education
Karen Crist

Los Angeles
Yaru Wang
310-578-1080 ext. 209

New England
Francine Ziperstein

Santa Barbara
Ryan Kasmier
805-962-8179 ext. 5105

Jill Haddaway

Veterans’ Services

Antioch University welcomes military veterans and military-connected students to our campus. We are deeply grateful to those who have served our country in war and peace, and honored to have them join our Antioch community.

At Antioch, veterans and military-connected students can use their past experiences as a leader to work on behalf of others to promote a more just and sustainable world. We are dedicated to making education more accessible for our nation’s veterans and their dependents. We have a rich history of providing educational opportunities to veterans through undergraduate and graduate degree programs in Business, Education, and Healthcare.

At Antioch, veterans and military-connected students

  • May earn credit for military experience
  • Transfer up to 100% of undergraduate credits earned through the military
  • Learn in an environment that honors your experience
  • Are an active participant in the design of their degree
  • Enjoy interactive classes with dedicated faculty
  • Benefit from flexible class offerings that work around their schedule and location

AU is committed to working with veterans to ensure they find the program that will be the best fit for their educational goals and aspirations.

Commitment to Military-Connected Students

We provide full-spectrum (military-to-civilian) career navigation and offer individual, flexible, and relationship-centered services.

  • Assist with transition to college environment
    We provide one-on-one counseling to discuss your career goals, connect you with necessary tutoring services to help you prepare for placement exams, and assist you with program selection based on your specific needs.
  • VA Benefits, tuition assistance and financial aid counseling
    We provide one-on-one GI Bill® assistance to student veterans and tuition assistance guidance for active duty military. We are subject matter experts in all of your financial aid benefits and needs.
  • Acceptance of credits for Joint Services Transcript
    We ensure students are getting the maximum amount of college credits for military training and occupations. In addition, we offer other credit for prior learning as well as easy transfer of credits earned at other accredited institutions.
  • Alumni Mentor and Networking
    We help build connections between current military-connected students and military alumni through publications, mentoring programs, and our nationwide network of alumni. In collaboration with career offices on campus and non-profit organizations in the area, we work towards creating meaningful connections as a stepping-stone for the next career goal.
  • Career Counseling and Employment Services
    We offer a broad range of assistance designed to provide the best opportunity for career employment upon graduation. We help research and match labor market indicators that best correspond with learned academic skills, work experience, and personal attributes; resume writing; and developing interview techniques. This resource may be especially lucrative for veterans seeking to translate military job experience to the civilian workforce.

Covered Programs
CHAPTER 30 - Montgomery GI Bill® for Active Duty
CHAPTER 31 - Voc Rehab
CHAPTER 32 - VEAP (Post-Vietnam Era Veterans Educational Assistance Program)
CHAPTER 33 - Post 9/11 GI Bill®
CHAPTER 35 - Survivors’ and Dependents’ Educational Assistance Program

VA Resource Information
Graduate School of Leadership and Change, and AU Distance and Extended Education

Los Angeles
310-578-1080 ext. 440

New England

Santa Barbara
805-962-8179 ext. 5105


International Student Services

International students are valued members of the Antioch student body. The Department of Justice provides approval to Antioch University campuses for attendance of non-immigrant students. Students from other countries who are studying at Antioch University on F-1 student visas are obligated to follow designated federal requirements in order to stay in compliance status with the United States Department of Homeland Security.

A select group of staff members at each campus serve as Designated School Officials (DSOs) who are empowered to issue and sign I-20s for admission and for travel outside the United States. Visa services are not provided, but the institution will verify student status. F-1 visa students are not eligible to apply for financial aid through state and federal government agencies. However, F-1 visa students are able to research external grants and scholarship programs that may be available through privately funded sources outside of and independent of the University.

F-1 visa students must consult a DSO in several important instances:

  • After initial admission or readmission to the University;
  • Before considering any registration status other than full-time;
  • When seeking assistance and information in cases of financial or medical emergency;
  • When contemplating travel outside the United States;
  • After the conclusion of the student’s program of study;
  • Regarding any questions about visas, extensions of stay, curricular or post-degree completion practical training, transfer of school academic programs, or change of immigration status; and,
  • For change of address.


Primary Designated School Officials (PDSOs)
Los Angeles & Santa Barbara
Emee Dacanay
310-578-1080 ext. 211

New England
Laura Andrews

Heather Howell

Career Services

We are excited to offer students myCareer Planner, an innovative, online career-planning site. This powerful tool is accessible to students through their AUDirect login.

myCareer Planner features career planning, networking, and job search tools that can help students leverage educational and professional accomplishments whether they are seeking to enhance an existing career or change careers entirely.

Within this online tool, students can explore on their own a variety of content-rich modules including:

  • Assessments and Exercises: Learn how skills, personality and values can influence career choice
  • Resume Tools: Receive tips on resume writing, interviewing and social networking
  • Career Research: Search for jobs, manage lists of job postings, and research potential employers
  • My Organizer: Manage job opportunities, contacts and a job search calendar
  • Job Talk: Network and chat with other students at Antioch University who are seeking job opportunities

In addition, students have up to one hour of telephone advising with an experienced career-planning advisor. Whether to help interpret assessment results, or provide feedback on a resume, the career planning advisor is there to guide and assist. For more information on career planning services, please contact mycareerplanner@antioch.edu.

Student Organizations

Antioch University encourages students to acquire and further interests outside the classroom that contribute to their development as members of the University and global communities through the establishment of student organizations. Each program and location has a range of professional interest associations available to students in those departments. Organizations and groups focused on cross cutting topics with social and professional interest to all are available at locations and university wide for all members of the AU community. Please contact campus Student Services for listings of active student organizations, or to discuss procedures for initiating a new organization.