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University Catalog 2022-2023 
University Catalog 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Antioch University New England

AU New England

Welcome to Antioch University New England!

The different campuses and programs that comprise this distinctive university are delivered in a variety of formats through our campuses and online. As you look at the offerings of the New England campus you should know a bit more about what makes us unique.

Our programs and community

At Antioch New England we offer a wide range of graduate degrees and certificates delivered in a variety of instructional formats including low residency, online, as well as face-to-face. Our students are adult learners, many with several years of professional experience before they enroll in one of our programs, while some enter directly from their undergraduate program. These various levels of experiences become part of our classrooms and community at large, and faculty see our students as colleagues as well as students. Lifelong relationships, between students and faculty and students with their peers, remains a hallmark of the AUNE experience.

The campus is located in Keene, NH, (population 23,000), the only city in rural Cheshire County. Our students are an important part of the community, completing practica, internships, and offering community service as part of their academic experience. AUNE students and graduates have also had a huge impact on the Monadnock region through their studies at Antioch. The Monadnock Coop in Keene was a master’s project of an Environmental Studies student. Numerous others have been deeply involved in local K-12 schools and Keene State College as leaders and teachers. Others have assisted in founding the Monadnock International Film Festival and the recent Walldogs project. Many others are mental health professionals in the area. The AUNE impact on Southwest New Hampshire and Southern Vermont is substantial. And those students who are studying further away through our distance program are also involved in making a difference in their own towns and regions.

Our History

Antioch University New England (AUNE), founded in 1964, was the first campus developed as a satellite of Antioch College, and is an integral part of the Antioch University system. Antioch College was founded in 1852, and Horace Mann, the famous educational reformer, was its first president. The College was among the first to have women as tenured faculty with the same pay and status as their male counterparts, and among the first to admit African Americans and women to a full curriculum. These same tenants of striving for democracy and social justice for all are threads woven through all of the current campuses of Antioch University including AUNE.

AUNE began in Putney, Vermont as the Putney Graduate School and was initially affiliated with the Putney School. It then became known as Antioch Putney, and included a semester in Putney, a semester in an urban school (sites included Washington DC and Baltimore) and a semester in Yellow Springs, OH. Antioch Putney’s initial students were mostly returning Peace Corps Volunteers. Many of these early graduates from the Putney years are still alive and well, and recall their experiences of arriving in Putney, Vermont, sometimes in the cloak of night, to a place they had never been before. Today, we continue to share the values and mission of Antioch University. Horace Mann’s famous Antioch quote, “Be ashamed to die until you have done some victory for humanity”, lives on through each and every student, faculty and staff member, and it makes me proud to be called a member of the Antioch family.

Thank you for joining us,
Shawn Fitzgerald, PhD
Dean, Graduate School of Counseling, Psychology and Therapy and CEO, Antioch University New England

Campus Leadership

Dean, Graduate School of Counseling, Psychology and Therapy and CEO, Antioch University New England: Shawn Fitzgerald
Associate Provost, Chief Student Services Officer: Linda Drake Gobbo
Director of Student Accounts: Dorothy Shuteran
Director of Financial Aid: Amy Posner
Associate University Registrar: Suzanne Koulalis
Director of Disability Support Services: Fran Ziperstein
Primary Designated School Official (international student support): Laura Andrews
School Certifying Official (VA Benefits): Dorothy Shuteran
Library Access Services Administrator: Abagail Jones

Campus Calendar

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Department Overview

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