Dec 07, 2021  
University Catalog 2021-2022 
University Catalog 2021-2022
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LC-7800: Reflective Int Candidacy Essay

The Reflective Integrative Candidacy Essay is the final and culminating program Learning Achievement prior to advancement to candidacy. This Learning Achievement addresses the program’s outcome of, “The ability to reflect critically on their own professional practices as learner, leader, and scholar.” Students are expected to reflect deeply on what growth in the three areas means to them and the ways in which they recognize that growth has occurred (or not). Students are expected to provide specific examples of what has facilitated or hindered their growth, including but not limited to components within the program, and/or aspects of professional or personal life during these years. The final aspect of the Reflective Integrative Candidacy Essay asks the student to look back at his/her learning that has led the student to his/her dissertation direction including overarching topic, research direction, and significance.
Min. Credits: 4.0
Credit Basis: Annual credit
Location(s): Grad School Ldrshp & Chnge
Method(s): Learning Achievement
Faculty Consent Required: N
Program Approval Required: N
Course Type Leadership and Management

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