Jan 18, 2022  
University Catalog 2021-2022 
University Catalog 2021-2022
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URS-5040: Sustainable Just Economies

This course focuses on the field of sustainable urban economy through theoretical and practical investigations into environmental solutions in economics, green business, and community engagement. Topics will include analysis of the scholarly literature and discussions of the interrelationship between international and local economies. Students will analyze sustainable economic ideologies and practices, a broad range of community perspectives, civic requirements, as well as geographic, built environment, capital and natural resource concerns. Students will examine and critique sustainable economic practices, programs and policies in the public, private and non-profit sectors.
Min. Credits: 3.0
Credit Basis: Semester credit
Location(s): Antioch Univ Los Angeles
Method(s): Classroom,Online (asynchronous)
Faculty Consent Required: N
Program Approval Required: N
Course Type Environmental Studies and Sustainability

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