Oct 06, 2022  
University Catalog 2022-2023 
University Catalog 2022-2023
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ES-5820: Climate Impacts Vulnerability and Adaptation Planning

Local and regional governments are leaders in climate change due to their unique position to make a wide range of decisions that can mitigate and adapt to our changing climate. Because they are on the frontline, many communities have conducted vulnerability assessments and engaged in adaptation planning. This module will enable participants to assess impacts to a business, community, or sector based on specific climate projections for a specific locale. This focuses on identifying what and who are most vulnerable to such impacts, which requires the ability to facilitate a stakeholder process to prioritize these identified vulnerabilities, including with respect to business supply chains, and actionable responses. This module will also provide you with the overview of planning for resiliency and adaptation at different scales. After this module, you should feel comfortable knowing what steps need to be taken to integrate resiliency recommendations and projects into community planning and policy processes.
Min. Credits: 1.0
Credit Basis: Semester credit
Location(s): Antioch Univ New England
Method(s): Online (asynchronous)
Faculty Consent Required: N
Program Approval Required: N
Course Type Environmental Studies and Sustainability

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