Aug 11, 2022  
University Catalog 2022-2023 
University Catalog 2022-2023
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ART-2070: Cultural Arts

Students deepen their work with the art forms found in their own cultures, as well as artworks found and produced in diverse cultures around the globe. Students utilize craft media to experience the arts and use a variety of cultural perspectives to develop an appreciation and greater understanding of the cultural diversity existing in the art world. The relationship between the material culture (arts and crafts) and non-material culture (values and beliefs) of a society are researched and analyzed to develop a sense of aesthetics applied to artworks from diverse cultures.
Min. Credits: 5.0
Credit Basis: Quarter credit
Location(s): Antioch Univ Seattle
Method(s): Prior Learning
Faculty Consent Required: N
Program Approval Required: N
Course Type Liberal Arts, Science & Social Science

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