Aug 11, 2022  
University Catalog 2022-2023 
University Catalog 2022-2023
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BUS-3800: The Thriving Artist Turning Your Creative Passion Into a Sustainable Career

A course for the artist or creative who would like to build a fulfilling, profitable career without sacrificing their soul. The course begins with an in-depth exploration of who you are as an artist, creative or maker, and what it means for you to thrive. From this foundation, we build professional business skills and marketing plans that will support your life’s vision. Whether you are just thinking about turning your passion into profit, or already have a creative business, this intensive will help you clarify and execute the next steps. Areas of study include: website/portfolio development, social media presence, pricing your work, contracts, product development, money mindsets, and time management. Most importantly, we will brainstorm how to manage these aspects of running a business in a way that directly supports the integrity of your creative vision. This program will be particularly relevant to visual artists, but will have value for creatives in any field
Min. Credits: 3.0 Max Credits: 4.0
Credit Basis: Quarter credit
Location(s): Antioch Univ Los Angeles
Method(s): Online Meeting (synchronous)
Faculty Consent Required: N
Program Approval Required: N
Course Type Liberal Arts, Science & Social Science

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