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University Catalog 2021-2022 
University Catalog 2021-2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Clinical Psychology, MA

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MA in Clinical Psychology
AU Los Angeles
Credits for Degree: 90 quarter credits
Standard Mode of Instruction: Classroom
Standard time to completion: 48 months

This is the degree for students seeking to be licensed in California as Marriage and Family Therapists and/or Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors (with additional coursework). For students beginning in Fall 2012 or later, the program consists of 90 units with a minimal completion time of 8 full time quarters.

The MA Program in Clinical Psychology (MAP):

  • Prepares students for MFT licensure in California
  • With some additional coursework, prepares students for licensure as Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors in California
  • Prepares students for doctoral study in Psychology
  • Prepares eclectically trained students who are taught and expected to act with cultural humility
  • Promotes students’ personal growth and development
  • Provides students with practical clinical experience in a very wide range of community-based mental health settings
  • Challenges the profession toward greater relevance to the needs of Southern California’s diverse communities

Exposure to changing methods in the profession for a variety of career paths is at the core of the curriculum. Each student is supported in finding the professional approach most appropriate for him/her/them. AULA students are enriched by the opportunity to find and choose from the wide array of models available in the field, many of which are taught during their time in the program.

Current Tuition and Fees

University Tuition and Fees  

MAP Degree Requirements

Personal Psychotherapy 0 Units

Students must complete two quarters of Personal Psychotherapy of 12 weekly sessions. These completed quarters are listed on a student’s transcript as “Completed Transcript Requirement.”

Specialization Coursework 17 Units

  • 12-15 units of Specialization Core Coursework
  • 2-5 units of Specialization Electives


Students completing the MFT requirements must accrue 150 hours of direct-client-contact plus 75 additional hours of direct-client-contact and/or client centered advocacy while in clinical training.

Students completing the LPCC requirements must accrue 280 hours of direct-client-contact while in clinical training.

Total Units in Degree 90 Units (in a Minimum of 8 Quarters Residency.)

Required coursework for the PCC licensure pathway:

Students completing the LPCC requirements must accrue 280 hours of direct-client-contact while in clinical training.

Note: Students in the MPIC Program may also complete the ACP Specialization.

A Master’s Thesis or Master’s Project is an option for the MA in Clinical Psychology. It is especially advisable for students intending to seek licensure overseas. If it is to be included, all procedures for the Master’s Thesis or Project must be followed, as explained in the MPIC section of this catalog.

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