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University Catalog 2024-2025 
University Catalog 2024-2025

Liberal Studies, Literature and Creative Writing Concentration, BA

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BA in Liberal Studies: Literature and Creative Writing
 AU Online
Credits for Degree: 120 semester credits
Standard Mode of Instruction: Online
Standard time to completion: 36 months

Program Overview

The objective of the Liberal Studies major is to allow students to creatively combine courses for a breadth of exposure to liberal studies or to probe more deeply into one or two specific areas within our majors. Students work closely with an academic advisor to develop a specific direction for their degree program. Students completing a major in Liberal Studies choose either the Literature and Creative Writing Concentration, or the Leadership for Service and Change Concentration (with a defined focus area).

Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies: Literature and Creative Writing Concentration

Students majoring in Liberal Studies with a Literature and Creative Writing Concentration will be able to develop the craft of writing in multiple genres and explore literary expression in order to achieve greater proficiency in their own craft as writers. The major will cultivate students’ ability to examine the craft of other writers (both historical and contemporary), looking at formal elements of the work, including the elements of language, character, story, theme, rhythm, and tone. Coursework will call upon students to consider the impact that creative writing has in our world. Students are encouraged to consider the importance of writers in community, society, and culture-to move toward a contextual understanding of one’s own voice in a continuum of writers. Students will also be able to apply foundational skills of a creative writer. These skills include the ability to comment on the work of other writers, participate in a writing community, and apply best practices of editing and grammar. Students pursuing the Literature and Creative Writing Concentration complete the interdisciplinary core and then follow the concentration requirements below.

Current Tuition and Fees

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Interdisciplinary Core and Capstone Requirement for all Undergraduate Degrees

All undergraduate AU Online degrees require the completion of a common interdisciplinary core as well as a capstone requirement. Additional professional core curriculum, concentrations and electives are defined in their plans of study below.

Literature and Creative Writing Concentration Course Requirements: (33 Semester Credits)

11 classes (33 semester credits) from LIT or COM areas.

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