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University Catalog 2024-2025 
University Catalog 2024-2025

Liberal Studies, Global and Social Justice Studies Concentration, BA

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BA in Liberal Studies: Global and Social Justice Studies
AU Seattle
Credits for Degree: 180 quarter credits
Standard Mode of Instruction: Flexible
Standard time to completion: 36 months

Program Overview

The goal of the Global and Social Justice Studies concentration is to prepare students to work within global and social justice organizations (e.g. nonprofit, governmental, educational, political, labor, philanthropic, humanitarian, and/or community-based organizations). Students interested in addressing urgent social problems, strengthening their own civic engagement, and/or pursuing graduate studies are encouraged to participate in this concentration. Global and Social Justice Studies foregrounds the important role social movements - consisting of diverse youth, workers, indigenous communities, religious leaders, women, artists, cultural workers, and committed individuals of every color - have played throughout history in creating a more peaceful global society. Through coursework and community-based learning opportunities, students will gain various political, theoretical, and organizational skills necessary to foster the conditions for empowerment and transformation within themselves as well as with their respective communities.

Current Tuition and Fees

University Tuition and Fees  

General Education Requirements for every Liberal Studies Concentration

To meet the general education requirements of the LIberal Studies degree, each student must fulfill both the Disciplinary Knowledge Core and Antioch Core requirements, totalling 45 credits:

Disciplinary Knowledge Core Requirements:

30 credits distributed across the disciplines, a minimum of 3 and maximum of 6 in each of these areas:

  • Communications
  • Social Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Arts
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Science

These are mostly addressed through transfer credits, but gaps can be filled in at Antioch; more than 6 credits can be transferred in, but only 6 can be used to fulfill general educationGener requirements in each domain.

Antioch Core Requirements:

  • Transformative Education  
  • a 3000 level writing course
  • a 4000 level writing course
  • Two “mission core” courses; one of which is Power, Privilege & Oppression

Sample Community-Based Learning Experiences:

  • Women’s Education Project
  • Washington Fair Trade Coalition
  • Social Justice Fund
  • King County juvenile justice program
  • Field based learning to organize/support an international human rights day event

Sample Synthesis Projects:

  • Design and facilitate an educational curriculum related to social / global justice issue
  • Design a community-based research project with a local organization
  • Interview and document the “counter-narratives” of community activists
  • Organize an International Human Rights Day event / symposium.

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