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University Catalog 2024-2025 
University Catalog 2024-2025

Liberal Studies, Individualized Concentration, BA

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BA in Liberal Studies: Individualized
AU Seattle
Credits for Degree: 180 quarter credits
Standard Mode of Instruction: Flexible
Standard time to completion: 36 months

Program Overview

BA Liberal Studies students may elect to design their own academic concentration. Students who choose the individualized option work with a degree committee composed of the student, their academic advisor, and two specialists in the area of concentration who could be other Antioch faculty members or professionals in the larger community. Degree Committees meet three times spaced over the student’s time at Antioch to help design and, in the end, evaluate the student’s program. For example, a student who studies psychology, art and social justice may have committee members who are art therapists or are working in mental health clinics for disenfranchised people. These concentrations are shaped to personal interests and often cross disciplines. The student proposes the name for their individualized concentration, which must be approved by the degree committee.

Examples of individualized Areas of Concentration from recent graduates are:

  • Sustainable Communities
  • Change Management
  • Somatics, Psychology and Dance
  • Children, Family and Community
  • Film and Social Change
  • Culinary Anthropology

Current Tuition and Fees

University Tuition and Fees  

Plan of Study

General Education Requirements for every Liberal Studies Concentration

To meet the general education requirements of the LIberal Studies degree, each student must fulfill both the Disciplinary Knowledge Core and Antioch Core requirements, totalling 45 credits:

Disciplinary Knowledge Core Requirements:

30 credits distributed across the disciplines, a minimum of 3 and maximum of 6 in each of these areas:

  • Communications
  • Social Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Arts
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Science

These are mostly addressed through transfer credits, but gaps can be filled in at Antioch; more than 6 credits can be transferred in, but only 6 can be used to fulfill general educationGener requirements in each domain.

Antioch Core Requirements:

  • Transformative Education  
  • a 3000 level writing course
  • a 4000 level writing course
  • Two “mission core” courses; one of which is Power, Privilege & Oppression

Possible coursework for concentration

An individualized Area of Concentration requires a minimum 40 quarter credits of coursework, comprised of transfer courses, prior learning, Antioch courses, independent studies, service learning and other learning activities. Concentrations must include a minimum 3 credits of community-based learning, and a final, capstone/senior synthesis project. The student works out the specific component learning activities with their academic advisor and optional degree committee.

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