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University Catalog 2023-2024 
University Catalog 2023-2024 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

School of Undergraduate Studies

Welcome to the School of Undergraduate Studies!

For more than 50 years, Antioch’s undergraduate programs have helped students complete a bachelor’s degree, allowing them to advance their education and careers and engage more deeply in their communities and fields of study.  We believe strongly in building effective communication and critical thinking skills in every learning opportunity, and fully embrace Antioch’s mission to empower students in their quest for meaningful lives and the advancement of social justice in all its forms.  
The School of Undergraduate Studies offers a broad array of subjects including addiction studies; business, entrepreneurship, leadership, & management; child development & education; communication & media; creative writing; environmental and urban studies; global & social justice studies; health counseling & psychology; human services administration; liberal studies; psychology; queer studies; and spiritual studies.  Students can also choose to apply their career and technical education into various applied fields of study including applied arts & media, and applied technology & business leadership.
We take pride in our commitment to creating an antiracist and inclusive curriculum as well as multiple ways for students to achieve their learning and educational goals, including classroom based learning in person and via live remote video conferencing, asynchronous online offerings, and hybrid options.  Students can attend classes at our Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and Seattle campuses, or from anywhere on the globe. Undergraduate programs also include many opportunities for students to use their outside learning from work, volunteer, and personal experiences towards credit in the form of independent studies, internships, and prior learning, as well as to fast track into Antioch graduate programs. 
In these difficult times in our nation and our world, it is hard not to be dramatic about the need for an Antiochian education that demands a relentless pursuit of social justice, critical inquiry, innovation, and deep caring. We welcome your engagement in these important efforts!

MeHee Hyun, Ph.D.
Dean, Undergraduate Studies
School of Undergraduate Studies Standards and Practices
Information regarding Standards and Practices may be found here .

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