May 24, 2024  
University Catalog 2023-2024 
University Catalog 2023-2024 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Environmental Studies, Science Teaching and Learning, MS

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MS in Environmental Studies: Science Teaching and Learning
 AU New England
Credits for Degree: 36 semester credits
Standard Mode of Instruction: Classroom, Fieldwork
Standard time to completion: 21 months

Program Overview

The MS in Environmental studies degree requires a minimum of three semesters and 36 credits. There are a few commonalities across all the Environmental Science degree concentrations that are apparent as students look through the following requirements and descriptions. All MS degrees have a combination of coursework and application in the field.

Courses required for concentrations are divided into specific academic content areas or methods courses in which students can acquire knowledge and develop skills in topics identified by faculty as useful in the field.

Students are to develop knowledge and skills, in the areas listed on the following pages. Together with their advisors, students are required to develop a program plan, during their first semester, which indicates:

  1. The specific concentration and methods courses to be taken to develop needed expertise, and the semester in which each is planned;
  2. The type of capstone/internship the student plans to complete;
  3. Any special arrangements such as advanced standing, or general education requirements which will need to be met.

All students must complete the core, concentration, and methods/elective courses for the number of credits indicated or have an approved waiver form on file with the Department of Environmental Studies and the University Registrar.

Current Tuition and Fees

University Tuition and Fees  

Plan of Study

To earn this MS degree in Environmental Studies, students must earn a minimum of 36 credits distributed as follows:

Core Areas - 9 Semester Credits

Skills Requirement - 3 Semester Credits

  • Choose from any course designated as “concentration or skills”

      *Optional Core course may be selected to fulfill concentration or skills credits.

Capstone Project - 6 Semester Credits

The purpose of the internship is to provide you with practical field experience in teaching and learning as needed. Meetings or classes will reflect on your field experience to provide logistical, moral, and pedagogical support. During this time, we’ll trouble-shoot problems, explore issues related to school culture, freedom and discipline, share curriculum ideas, muse about the value of homework, consider record keeping strategies, support your job search, and play with other issues as they emerge. In person, out in field of study, including non-clinical internships - Non classroom environment, applied learning, IS - Independent Study: Student/instructor designed content, only offered 1:1

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